Funeral Care in the Era of Covid; What Has Changed?

Despite Changes, Lacerenza’s Still Offers Versatile Funeral Services –

the Funeral Home Stamford Has Trusted Since 1926 

When Angela began to decline in health for what would be the final time, her daughters found planning for her care much different than when their father passed. Even from a short few years before, much has changed in our world, Covid 19 not the least withstanding. 

Beyond living care, near end-of-life hospice and eventual funeral needs, there are a myriad of decisions to be made; often by families uninformed or separated by distance. But, this need not be the case. 

For sure, the arrival of coronavirus in America has overnight caused unprecedented change in the way we live- and die. 

For most, it is difficult at best. True preparation for end-of-life care begins long before the need emerges. Like Pre-Planning to meet the needs and intentions of the deceased, or, an insurance policy or a will, advance planning for end-of-life care comes with identifying the needs and requests of the individual. 

Funeral homes, like Lacerenza Funeral Home and Cremation Services which has been providing funeral and burial care to Stamford-area families for nearly one-hundred years, are a wealth of information on pre-planning, contracts, trusts that pre-pay funeral costs and more. 

They are reliable, licensed professionals who can help in advance and support families all the way through, providing the agreed-upon management of care at the time of need. 

Today, in the era of Covid, making such arrangements can even be done without direct contact. “Contactless Arrangements” is not a new concept. 

In fact, when the funeral home is known and trusted, much of the advance work- even at the time of death- can be done by the funeral home itself. Today, with many families out-of-town or separated by distance, families can “meet” – even remotely with their funeral director - using technology- by Zoom, phone and by completing documents on-line. 

Though today wakes and services have adapted to Covid and regulations, we expect to see an easing of restrictions on gatherings throughout this year. Nonetheless, at Lacerenza’s, sanitizing, guest safety and, where appropriate social distancing or small gathering sizes will continue to be hallmarks of our services. 

Families may still opt for “Private Wakes”, where family members can gather in smaller groups prior to burials and commitments. Full traditional funerals and traditional cremation services offered by Lacerenza’s can be supplanted by small group church and simple graveside services to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus and ensure the safety of family members until society is fully reopened. 

Cremation, an ever-increasingly accepted funeral option, can also be tailored to modern sensibilities at both ends of the spectrum. Simple, contactless and direct cremations provide a low-cost affordable option. 

Cremations with private or public wakes and visitations prior to cremation also provide the sense of traditional burial yet with the choice of cremation over full services. 

Taking out a life insurance policy to cover funeral costs and possibly other end-of-life needs can easily be arranged by Lacerenza -affiliated associates. 

Contact Jerry Macari and the licensed staff at Lacerenza’s- a family assisting families like your’ s, Angela’s and a great many more since 1926. Give yourself and your family the confidence you can have knowing you are well-covered, and working with Stamford’s most-trusted funeral home. 

Lacerenza Funeral Home and Cremation Services is conveniently located just blocks from Mill River Park in downtown Stamford, and just a few blocks from the new Stamford Health Center. Visit or call 203-324-0158 to learn more about services and the options families have. 

Call or Email Us to Ask for Our Free brochure- “Six Ways to Finance End-of Life Care”. 

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