Payment Options

Payment Options

With the new norms in our community come helpful options previously unavailable in end-of-life care. Families no longer need to worry about how a sudden illness will affect their finances or those of the loved ones they leave behind.

Today, Lacerenza Funeral Home offers its families new and diverse options to cover the costs of funerals and cremation services.

Pre-Need Trusts

Not by any means a new way of providing for funeral care, Lacerenza Funeral Home continues to help families make pre-event arrangements in advance of the passing of a loved one.

Whether providing for one’s own end-of-life care in advance, to take the burden away from surviving family members, or in making plans for a loved one, we will help you create a simple pre-need trust account covering your choice of the services you envision.

You choose your preferences in all aspects of services. Upon executing the contract, funds are placed in a revocable or non-revocable trust through Cooperative Funeral Fund (CFF). You receive statements quarterly as in any other trust investment vehicle. The trust funds are guaranteed and only distributed upon the passing of the decedent.

Insurance Policies

Nearly 80% of families today are using some form of life insurance to cover the costs of end-of-life care. Lacerenza’s accepts insurance policies as valid methods for receiving payment for our services.

Life insurance policies may be policies held as employment benefits, or ones taken out by families by private life insurance companies. We offer the option to assign policies to our affiliate, Tribute Insurance Assignments (TIA), which is able to streamline the processing of a life insurance claim quickly. Our patented and secure portal dashboard allows both funeral home and beneficiary to follow the claim on-line.

With life insurance policies as payment for funeral services, we or TIA handle all claims paperwork. Only one signature from a beneficiary allows us to deal directly with the insurance carrier to collect benefits. Any remaining funds following payment are returned to the beneficiary.

At-Need Arrangements

For those who have made prior financial provision for services within the family, we work with the families of the recently deceased to design a funeral or cremation service that suits the needs of the family. We accept payment in full, prior to services, for those making “at need” arrangements. We provide suitable receipts and documentation for all legal and estate matters following services.

Tribute Payment Plans

For those seeking to pre-arrange services but pay over time, we offer Tribute Pay- a service of our affiliate Tribute Assignments/Frazer Consultants. In one convenient location, customers may sign up for a plan which allows periodic payments to be made in advance of their need. Not unlike a Pre-Need Trust, Tribute Pay allows secure investment of funds and pay-over-time features to plan for end-of-life care expenses.

Tribute Loans

Available to families who have not yet made pre-arrangements to finance the costs of funerals for time of need, Tribute Loans from Tribute Assignments give families – even those with credit scores as low as 550 the option to finance for 12-60 months.

Applicants can easily apply directly here. Tribute offers immediate approvals and denials, and interest rates starting as low as 4.99%. Applicants can even have multiple co-signers as well.


You’ve probably heard of GoFundMe or other on-line fundraising for special causes and campaigns for people in need. Through our crowd funding platform, we can help families pay for unexpected funeral expenses by setting up a simple fund that accepts donations for helping them pay these expenses. A campaign is easily activated on-line.

Families can track donations on-line and in real-time. Contributors can donate anonymously or with a personal message to the family being supported. The campaign link can be forwarded to and by others to encourage others to contribute. No need to track down contributors as the campaign is setup with the funds donated being delivered directly to our funeral home to pay expenses.

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